About Us

Team Work and Special Focus on a Healthy Work Culture

As an omni-platform service provider that caters to the growing, challenging and dynamic requirements of our clients from across the world, Royal Meridian has been creating solutions that match and often surpass the expectations of our clients every instance. At the core of our service deliverance, we place the satisfaction of our customers as the most paramount and decisive element. And we work towards achieving it every time we serve our clients, with every interaction that happens and with every transaction that takes shape.

While we understand the vital and profound role our customers play in helping our business thrive, we never treat our teams any less. As such, we not only try to acquire the best in the industry for us, but also constantly strive to improve their skill forte rendering them with timely training as and when advances happen in their domains of operations.

Since we never want to leave our clients disappointed, we are always hard at work creating service propositions and strategies that will not only help them achieve their business goals but also add impeccable value to their operations, and the end-customers as well. We can confidently say that it is on this commitment and dedication that we have built our business so far. The long list of the delighted clientele from across the world operating in diverse spectrums of business verticals is the best testimony we can give our future clients.
It is for our clients that we toil, create services like no one else in the business and go the extra mile. We have been doing that for all our clients, never refraining once. And we will continue to do so for all that seek our services.

Relationship building is the highest priority, as we strongly believe that when a business entity associates with us we are responsible for the trust and confidence invested by them.

Royal Meridian is a business house started in 2014 with a vision to be a reliable partner for global buyers of various trading commodities at competitive prices.


We cater to all the services like Finance / Construction / Exim / Cinema and many more...