Coal fuelled the drive of the Industrial Revolution, bringing power to our lives in the form of electricity, transport and the present order of the world, as we now know it. The Company introduces itself as a bulk supplier of wide range of coal. We are one dependable name when it comes to supplying high quality coal.

Iron ores are the rocks and minerals. The metallic iron can be extracted from the minerals and rocks. Usually, the ores are found to rich in iron oxides and come in varied colors including deep purple, dark grey, rusty red and bright yellow. The iron is basically available in the form of limonite, magnetite, siderite, goethite, and hematite.

The demand for this commodity is proportionately much higher in industrialised countries. Today, China produces half of the world’s steel, some two million tonnes per day. It imports 75 million tonnes of iron ore a month and accounts for two thirds of seaborne demand.