We are diversified financial consultant company that aims to understand, anticipate and meet its client's financial needs with a multitude of high-quality services. We’re dedicated to the financial well-being of Clients, families, Individuals, Corporate Groups etc. for generations to come. That’s why we provide quality service and financial assistance to help our clients achieve their financial goals and plan for the future.

Backed by various financial institutions/ banks and has tie-ups with most trusted financial services providers, we work as financial consultancy and offers comprehensive financial solution to meet the diverse needs of today’s requirements of clients from multiple banks and financial institutions. Our expertise and experience has enabled us to provide effective, customer friendly solutions for smart investors in all budget segments. With the skilled and experienced professionals at the helm of affairs of each of the department, we have been able to provide supreme services in the field of finance.

We are fund advising and financial consultancy group [not any Bank or NBFC]. We have tie-ups with several financial institutions/banks to strengthen the customer focus in all their operations. We work with financial institutions to identify the highest value decision opportunities, establish clarity about decision accountabilities, and build enduring behaviours, measures and incentives throughout the organization to continuously produce faster, better decisions, faster action, and improved efficiency and to accelerate the delivery of expected value.

Microfinance is increasingly being considered as one of the most effective tools of reducing poverty. Microfinance has a significant role in bridging the gap between the formal financial institutions and the rural poor. The Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) accesses financial resources from the Banks and other mainstream Financial Institutions and provide financial and support services to the poor.
We, strive to abide by the following values and imbibe them within every aspect of our organization:
  • Customer's choice institution
  • Integrity in all dealings
  • Provide responsible finance
  • Fair with suppliers and service partners
  • Compliance of laws, regulations and code of conduct
  • Best place to work
  • Professionalism and Teamwork
  • Respected in the community
We try to educate and empower the various sections of rural India through social welfare; healthcare, education, vocational training, community development, shelter, and disaster relief, to enable customers lead a "better life".

Various types of institutions offer microfinance: credit unions, commercial banks, NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations), cooperatives, and sectors of government banks. The emergence of “for-profit” MFIs is growing. In India, these ‘for-profit’ MFIs are referred to as Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC). NGOs mainly work in remote rural areas thereby providing financial services to the persons with no access to banking services.
Businesses need ample amount of investment to fund for start-up expenditures or pay for business extensions. For such purposes, companies take out business loans for their financial assistance. It is a debt which a company is obligated to pay back within a specific tenure according to the terms and conditions of the granted loan. Start-up Business loans can be taken for a variety of essential requirements like starting up a new firm, business expansions, dealer and vendor financing etc.
The ownership of a house is one of the key signs of success among the fast-growing Indian middle class. As the income of the average Indian family increases, there has been a continuous increase in the desire to own a house and this has lead the price of property to reach unmatched highs in recent years. This is true for not just the big cities but also for smaller cities across India. This unbridled price rise has made it near impossible for the common man to purchase their home through just savings. This is among the major reasons for the home loan business to have witnessed unmatched growth in recent years.
Loans against property are a highly preferred form of loans in India, and are much more easily available with the surge in banks and NBFCs providing such loans. Along with being cost-effective, these loans are reasonably convenient to avail and repay due to the relatively low Loans against Property interest rate.
Nothing can replace quality education when it comes to creating a bright and successful future for your child and education is the only thing that can get a happy life going. Nevertheless, due to the rising cost of higher education for students in India as well as abroad, parents are finding it more and more difficult to self-finance their children's education so there is a huge demand for loans to cover education expenses. Unlike most educational institutions today, educational loans are given to commendable and deserving students so that nothing hinders their progress.

  • Independence for the student
  • Parent rescued from recurring burden
  • Helps students take responsibilities early
  • Easy to get education loans
  • Tax exemptions
  • Low interest rates
A start-up company is an entrepreneurial venture which is consistently a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing a possible business model around an innovative product, service, process or a platform. An Aspiring or current business owner access money to start a new small business, purchase an existing small business or bring money into an existing small business to finance current or future business activity.

  • Increased Income
  • Reduction in cost
  • Being your own boss
  • Flexible hours
  • Purchasing an existing business
  • Profit motive