Goat is one of the ancient domesticated animals in India and considered as poor man’s cow. Goat farming business is not a new idea in India. And the climate and geographical conditions of Tamilnadu is very suitable for raising goats commercially. However, see the main benefits of goat farming and follow the steps mentioned below very carefully.

Commercial goat farming in India is becoming very popular day by day. As goat farming is a proven highly profitable business idea so, the popularity of this business is increasing rapidly in India. It is also one of the finest and established livestock management department in the country.

Huge market demand and proper spread ensures fast profitability and sustainability of this business for long term. But the commercial goat farming and it’s market in India have been adopted by some large and progressive producers, industrialists, businessman and large companies.

Benefits of Goat Farming.

Goat’s meat is lean and has low fat. Almost all types of people like goats meat and milk. And the demand of goat’s meat and milk is increasing, even though the price is high. Under stall fed condition, goat farming is very profitable.
For starting goat farming business, you need little investment for purchasing goats. Within the price of 1 hybrid/cross-breed cow, you can easily purchase 10 high quality goats.
Goats are prolific and they can give twins and triplets.
Goat products, including live goats, kids, skins, manure etc. can be sold easily and encashed anytime, anywhere.
Gestation period of goats is shorter than any other domestic livestock animals.
Diseases in goats are less and the expenditure on treatment or medication is marginal.

Select a Suitable Location
Before starting, select a suitable location for your farm. While choosing suitable land for your farm, ensure all types of facilities are available in your location. A suitable clean and fresh water source is a must. Select the land near by the village so that you can easily find labour for your farm. Select the land with easy transportation facilities.

All produce is organically grown. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the farm follows the best practices in the industry. Composting Yards, where we compost coir pith, organic waste, garden waste and other organic material to make our own compost Remnants of waste from our kitchens and other sources we produce bio gas for cooking purposes.

The manure on our farm is a studied and deliberate effort at maintaining the pristine nature of our farm and the valley that we occupy.
Certified Organic products are those which have been produced, stored, processed, handled and marketed in accordance with precise technical specifications and certified as “Organic” by the certification body.