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Royal Meridian is committed to be an undisputable first choice of its partners and this commitment is driven through our professional and ethical approach to deliver on time always.
In our desire to be more and more strict towards our schedule, we have fully equipped ourselves with a wide variety of acquisition strategies like co-locations markets, country wide network of infrastructure supported by local offices, spread all over the cotton growing and consuming areas driving them to meet the challenges of not only the domestic market but also to face the stiff international competition effectively.
The importance of sound infrastructure for sustained economic growth and development is well recognized in India. Today the Government of country is taking initiatives to open up the infrastructure development sector to private sector companies in order to boost the growth and development. Investment in this sector has gained momentum in the last few years and is experiencing a rapid growth across different sectors of infrastructure. However, the present investment in this sector taps only a small part of the tremendous potential for infrastructure development opportunity that exists in India.
Drawing from the experience of promoters, company has gained specialization in pioneering large scale EPC contracts within the stipulated time frame. .