One of the most exciting aspects of filmmaking is putting together your video production equipment package. Keep in mind, there is no "one size fits all" equipment package for everyone since there are so many variables (budget, type of project, locations, pro vs amateur, etc), so what we have tried to do on this page is cover some basic gear you may want to consider.

A video camera is the centerpiece of your filmmaking gear package. What camera you choose depends on your budget, the type of shooting you're doing (static, stealth, run-and-gun, etc.) and where you plan to showcase your film (web-only, theater, broadcast, etc).
You don’t need a whole tonne of gear to get started with your video business. The best thing you can do is start with the essentials and buy more equipment as and when it’s needed.

Digital Single Lens Relfex Camera: Not all DLSRs are made alike, but the higher end ones are fully capable of shooting video and pictures with high-quality output. Better-suited for use on very small-scale video productions.
Hard-Drive Camcorders: These kinds of camcorders come with varying amounts of memory, and their potentially enormous storage capacity is one reason for their increasing popularity. Plus, this kind of memory can be reused thousands of times without degrading.
Memory Card Camcorders: Memory cards, a type of removable flash memory, are especially handy when you want to add extra memory to your camcorder. When you run out of room, you don’t have to pick which video segments you’ll discard – you can just pop in a new memory card.
Standard Definition Camcorders: These units have flip-out LCD screens and/or eyepiece viewfinders, optical zoom lenses and better quality microphones, and as few or as many customizable features as you are willing to pay for. Recording can be done to internal/removable flash memory or internal hard drives.
Basic High-Definition Camcorders: Can be used to create prosumer-quality videos when used with a computer-based editing system. Depending on what you buy, basic HD camcorders can record to tape, optical disks and removable flash memory.
Premium High Definition Camcorders: Versatile HD camcorders that allow manual control of settings, extra shooting capabilities and use of multiple image sensors. They also allow for more control in selecting light levels and shooting styles.


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