Vision: To work for a Sustainable future free from poverty, hunger and environmental degradation.
Mission: Ensure food, nutrition and livelihood security of the resource poor population through skill development, action research, networking oriented to collective self sufficiency.
We are committed to ORGANIC FARMING - To protect the Food, protect the Earth and the Next Generation.
We would like to insure health of soil, food safety and food security. Our research and development team has arena of research project to replace maximum possible chemical inputs in agriculture by organic sustainable inputs.
Our prime focus is to reduce production cost for small land holder traditional farmer by providing low cost organic inputs and by providing them training of manufacturing of own organic inputs by available resources within the farm.

All produce is organically grown. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the farm follows the best practices in the industry. Composting Yards, where we compost coir pith, organic waste, garden waste and other organic material to make our own compost Remnants of waste from our kitchens and other sources we produce bio gas for cooking purposes.

The manure on our farm is a studied and deliberate effort at maintaining the pristine nature of our farm and the valley that we occupy.
Certified Organic products are those which have been produced, stored, processed, handled and marketed in accordance with precise technical specifications and certified as “Organic” by the certification body.